“I Am The Greatest” words spoken by the legendary Muhammed Ali. Those words would be what inspired Tyrone “Yung Cassius” Thorne. Yung Cassius became one of the most respected underground rappers from the gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York. Just as Muhammed Ali, Yung Cassius has the same drive, determination and passion to be the greatest. The same vision and hunger just in a different field.

Born in Guyana South America, he migrated to United States with his family at the tender age of 11, settling in the heavy Caribbean-populated community Flatbush section of Brooklyn New York. He faced the harsh reality of gangs, guns, drugs and murders in his neighborhood.

Growing up in Guyana which is located on the northeast coast of Latin America, along the Atlantic Ocean. Guyana border with Suriname to the east, border with Venezuela to the northwest, and border with Brazil to the south and southwest. Being the only English speaking country in South America, it’s considered to be West Indian because of it’s cultural similarities to the West Indies such as the foods, music and dialect. Yung Cassius had no hip-hop influence at that point of his life.

Yung Cassius rarely heard hip hop music being played in his home country Guyana, He grew up listening to Reggae artist such as Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killa, Super Cat, Ninja Man, Pinchers, Merciless etc. Even though raised on reggae music, he always wanted to record and perform music. After school Cassius would sit at home and listen to instrumentals day after day just trying to perfect his craft. He started rapping at the age of 18, at the age of 21 he decided to perfect his craft and start taking it seriously. What started out as just a hobby eventually turned into something of an addiction.

Determined to succeed with the aim of moving his family out the hood, Yung Cassius hit the streets hard with a barrage of underground bangers such as “OMBS,” “Child Hood Idol,” “TTYL,” “I want it all” and “Signs”. The rebirth of and era with a new twist, New York had its own unique sound and style. When you hear a project that Yung Cassius is on or have worked on you will hear what’s missing from New York artiste.